Remote console via SSH with own bashrc

I think, most of us have customized bash or zsh environment. I’m too lazy to switch from bash to zsh, so I use bash on my laptop. There are some benefits: bash is still the more popular shell, so it exists on mostly Linux-based servers.

That’s why I try to use my .bashrc wherever it’s possible. But on a remote server, sometimes you don’t have the own user account. That’s why I’ve added a very simple alias for ssh command to mine [.bashrc]( file:

It will create temporary file with your .bashrc content on a remote host and remove it once the session ends. The backside of this solution is your ssh connection will start with some delay to copy your.bashrc file to the remote host. It’s not an issue for me now and I’m happy this.

The next step is to make the same with .vimrc with all needed plugins.


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